La escalera

The staircase is a project that makes me think of my great and old friend Hugo Carrasco, with whom after endless conversations going through the meaning and magic of life, he leads us to this syntax, the staircase.

This exhibition consists of twenty-one watercolor paintings of size A1 in which we reinterpreted ten classic icons of the traditional American and Japanese tattoo, giving each of them our own point of view on the same idea. In these carefully ordered interpretations, we are talking about the evolution of which the protagonist could be, the evolution towards the desire to improve, to polish us like a diamond.

We explain it graphically and also our good friend Yuma, has been responsible for rewriting with beautiful calligraphy some texts that explain in a poetic way what we mean with each step of this ladder.

This exhibition is compiled in a book that he designed with the help of Hugo, Poly, Javiera and Katia, who did a great job of photography, translation and correction, and also of design. Thank you! All this energy that we have put into this project has been moved with the intention of donating all the benefits to the Reserve of Orquídeas de Antioquia. A small group of people who are buying land in Colombia to maintain the virgins and that their native flora and fauna proliferate and develop naturally and harmoniously. With this call we present ourselves to the view and we offer both to come to the exhibitions, as we buy the book in the exhibitions as directly in laescalera.bigcartel.com/ or also that we buy at least original or copy of the paintings.



portada   hugo

kintaro   sundancing

yuma   colage

huevo   shishi